Set NIC correctly , but the network does not work

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Operating Systems SCO Set NIC correctly , but the network does not work
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Old 11-19-2013
Set NIC correctly , but the network does not work

I'm trying to virtualize an instance of SCO Open Server 5.0.2c in VirtualBox (called VM- A) , I can not configure the network (NIC).
The NIC I'm using is PCnet -FAST III (Am79C973 ) (this NIC works with VirtualBox + SCO 5.0.5M)
When I add from ' Add new LAN adapter' I detects the NIC and kernel performs link without error (at least I'm not seeing errors layers ) .
When I restart the VM , the network does not work and you can see the errors in
https: //
my attention that indicates error dlpid e3H0 , Was this NIC configured before the physical host , but perform the P2V with realtek NIC .

I wonder if I have to work to install the driver for the NIC pcnet ? or indication that I scoadmin autodetect and configure the network , confirms that is properly installed ?
Try installing the driver from ftp: //, but I say that has dependencies with ' SCO : lli : ncfg :: 5.0 . [245 ] . * ' and now I have no installation cd .

The steps are correct? I'm doing something wrong ?
Thanks for getting up here , is that the effort is increased when using .
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Old 11-19-2013
If you have a valid serial number and activation key, you can/should upgrade to 5.0.6. You can do this before making the image file and as an update install so no data should be lost.
When Intel introduced the Pentium 4, they moved control of the processor temperature from the CMOS/microcode to the operating system. SCO did not incorporate this change into any releases older than 5.0.6.
In 5.0.4 SCO made a change to the custom file format. Any VOL.000.000 files that work with 5.0.4 and newer will not work with 5.0.0 thru 5.0.3. This fact will make finding drivers much more difficult.
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Old 11-20-2013
Hello jgt
It is good to comment on the versions. I have license numer and code for 5.0.2a and 5.0.5M but does not work with version 5.0.7 (version 5.0.6 do not see available for download)
From what you say I will discard the P2V of 5.0.2a and I will install and configure from scratch 5.0.5M

Thank you very much.
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