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Requesting procedure to install UNIXware7.1.4 on vmware workstation9.0.2

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Operating Systems SCO Requesting procedure to install UNIXware7.1.4 on vmware workstation9.0.2
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Old 08-18-2013
Requesting procedure to install UNIXware7.1.4 on vmware workstation9.0.2

sir I want to practice sco Unix so I want to install unixware7.1.4 on VMware workstation9.0.2 so kindly suggest the procedure .

I have downloaded all the iso images and floppy images and they are working fine.

I have basic knowledge about Unix system so if you suggest something I can easily follow those and succeed.


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VMWARE-XFERLOGS(1)						   Open VM Tools						VMWARE-XFERLOGS(1)

vmware-xferlogs - dump vm-support output to vmx logfile SYNOPSIS
vmware-xferlogs is a simple console application and can be run as any user. It is based on rpctool to dump the vm-support output to the vmx log file base64 encoded. It can dump any file supplied on the commandline to the vmx log. It also does the decoding part of it. It can read the vmware.log file decode and write the encoded files in the directory it was invoked. Example of a transfer found in the vmx log file: Aug 24 18:48:09: vcpu-0| Guest: >Logfile Begins : /root/install.log: ver - 1 Aug 24 18:48:09: vcpu-0| Guest: >SW5zdGFs- bGluZyA0NDEgcGFja2FnZXMKCkluc3RhbGxpbmcgZ2xpYmMtY29tbW9uLTIuMi41LTM0 Aug 24 18:48:09: vcpu-0| Guest: >LgpJbnN0YWx- saW5nIGh3ZGF0YS0wLjE0LTEuCkluc3RhbGxpbmcgaW5kZXhodG1sLTcuMy0zLgpJ Aug 24 18:48:09: vcpu-0| Guest: >bnN0YWxsaW5nIG1haWxjYXAtMi4xLjk- tMi4KSW5zdGFsbGluZyBtYW4tcGFnZXMtMS40OC0yLgpJ .... .... Aug 24 18:48:10: vcpu-0| Guest: >Mi4K Aug 24 18:48:10: vcpu-0| Guest: >Logfile Ends OPTIONS
enc dec SEE ALSO
vmware-checkvm(1) vmware-hgfsclient(1) vmware-toolbox(1) vmware-toolbox-cmd(1) vmware-user(1) libguestlib(3) libvmtools(3) vmware-guestd(8) vmware-hgfsmounter(8) vmware-user-suid-wrapper(8) vmblock(9) vmci(9) vmhgfs(9) vmmemctl(9) vmsock(9) vmsync(9) vmxnet(9) vmxnet3(9) HOMEPAGE
More information about vmware-xferlogs and the Open VM Tools can be found at <>. AUTHOR
Open VM Tools were written by VMware, Inc. <>. This manual page was put together from homepage materials by Daniel Baumann <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). 2010.03.20-243334 2010-04-08 VMWARE-XFERLOGS(1)

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