Mouse problem in sco 5.0.6

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Operating Systems SCO Mouse problem in sco 5.0.6
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Old 11-05-2009
Mouse problem in sco 5.0.6

hello i have a problem with mouse in vmware with sco 5.0.6
in graphic mode X11 my mouse move to corner after a while
do you have any idea about this problem
vmware 6.5.2
vmware 7
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Old 11-05-2009
If you can still move the mouse afterward, it is just an undocumented feature.
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Old 11-06-2009
no i cant move my mouse

no i cant move my mouse
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Old 11-06-2009
Can you still switch to tty01 (<ctrl><alt><f1>) ?
Can you run an X-window session from a PC and does it do the same thing with the mouse?
Is the length of idle time till the mouse freezes consistent or random?
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Old 11-07-2009
This is actually a known bad interaction between OSR5 and VMware. I
haven't yet figured out where the bug lies, but I know of a workaround.
Boot the machine with:
: defbootstr kbm.wheel=no
This disables the mouse wheel, which is a little annoying, but at least
the rest of the mouse works. To make this permanent, edit
/etc/default/boot and add "kbm.wheel=no" to the end of the definition of
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Old 11-10-2009
tank you very much
that is work correctly
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