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Operating Systems SCO Remote printing configuring
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Old 11-04-2009
Remote printing configuring


We have a Unix 3.2v5.0.5.
I installed a printer via scoadmin, HP network printer manager with network peripheral name an ip-adress.

This is the configuration file :
root@sco1 # cat configuration
Banner: on:Always
Content types: simple
Device: /dev/null
Interface: /usr/spool/lp/model/HPLaserJet
Printer type: unknown
Number of banners: 0
root@sco1 #

Printing works fine from the unix via the lp-command (simple letters) But there I have always a blank page between each letter.

Also some documents are more special, on the documents the program prints first some squares and then text in it. These documents are messed up by the printer. He prints only the squares (vertical and horizontal lines) but no text.

I read already some info on AP Laurence but I do not understand very much.
I think I need to change the interface files or terminfo?? Also I tried via the command lpadmin -p pr13 -o lpi=3 this gives an error because of the printer type.

I am stuck, thanks for help.

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I think I need to change the interface file in /var/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces/model.orig/name_of_printer

But this is quite difficult:
Some where in it :
if [ "$vsi" = "def" -a "$lpi" = "def" -a "$orien
tation" != "landscape" -a "$nroff" = "" -a "$dividing" = "" ]
echo "\033&l70p2e7.6c70F\c"
echo "\033&a4L\c"
echo "\033&k11H\c"

echo "\033&l70p2e7.6c70F\c" this I don't understand
echo "\033&a4L\c" this is the left margin
echo "\033&k11H\c" this is the hsi
length="-l70" this is the number of lines on the page


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Old 11-04-2009
You can find the meaning of the escape sequences by looking at an HP PCL manual, you can download it from HP as a pdf or there are several condensed sources. Just google HPPCL.
The sequence that you don't understand is a combined sequence. The rules for writing a pcl command allow duplication of escape and & or # etc until a command ends with an uppercase letter.
So esc&a2L esc&h3L could be shortened to esc&a2lh3L

The other problem that you are having has to do with whether you send a text file, or a binary file to the printer. If you have overlays or fonts these must be sent to the printer in binary (raw) mode. You can also send text in raw mode if the text has crlf line endings. If not add a esc&k2G to the beginning of the file to turn lf into crlf.
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Old 11-05-2009

I found the meaning of the line:
l70p = page lenght
2e top margin 2 lines
7.6c = vmi Vertical motion text (7.6/48th inch) ??
70F text lenght in nb of lines

But how can I get 80columns on a page?
In the description of previous used pcl they said that is for 70lines per page en 80columns.
Is this calculated by the vmi??

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Old 11-05-2009
Horizontal settings are controlled by the HMI (horizontal motion index) and the font size.
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Old 11-05-2009
your combined command is

033 & l (lc L) 70p 2e 7.6c 70F spread out far enough to read.

My HPIIP PCL chart shows 033 & l (lc L) # C and the number of 1/48" with no indication that the number can be a fraction.

Your 11H specifies 11/120 or a little less than 1/10". You are supposedly in landscape which would be 110 characters wide less the 4 left and 3 right margins.

If you are not in landscape there may be another section that is controlling the spacing.
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