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Screen size with foxbase+ 2.1.2d + Openserver 5.0.7

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Operating Systems SCO Screen size with foxbase+ 2.1.2d + Openserver 5.0.7
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Old 07-22-2009
Screen size with foxbase+ 2.1.2d + Openserver 5.0.7

Hi, i'm running SCO Openserver 5.0.7 with foxbase+ 2.1.2d. Is it possible to change the screen size to use more than 25 lines / 80 columns?.

Clients connect using PuTTY, they can enlarge the SSH client window, but the application still runs in the original window size.

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plink(1)							 PuTTY tool suite							  plink(1)

plink - PuTTY link, command line network connection tool SYNOPSIS
plink [options] [user@]host [command] DESCRIPTION
plink is a network connection tool supporting several protocols. OPTIONS
The command-line options supported by plink are: -V Show version information and exit. -pgpfp Display the fingerprints of the PuTTY PGP Master Keys and exit, to aid in verifying new files released by the PuTTY team. -v Show verbose messages. -load session Load settings from saved session. -ssh Force use of SSH protocol (default). -telnet Force use of Telnet protocol. -rlogin Force use of rlogin protocol. -raw Force raw mode. -serial Force serial mode. -P port Connect to port port. -l user Set remote username to user. -m path Read remote command(s) from local file path. -batch Disable interactive prompts. -pw password Set remote password to password. CAUTION: this will likely make the password visible to other users of the local machine (via com- mands such as `w'). -L [srcaddr:]srcport:desthost:destport Set up a local port forwarding: listen on srcport (or srcaddr:srcport if specified), and forward any connections over the SSH con- nection to the destination address desthost:destport. Only works in SSH. -R [srcaddr:]srcport:desthost:destport Set up a remote port forwarding: ask the SSH server to listen on srcport (or srcaddr:srcport if specified), and to forward any con- nections back over the SSH connection where the client will pass them on to the destination address desthost:destport. Only works in SSH. -D [srcaddr:]srcport Set up dynamic port forwarding. The client listens on srcport (or srcaddr:srcport if specified), and implements a SOCKS server. So you can point SOCKS-aware applications at this port and they will automatically use the SSH connection to tunnel all their connec- tions. Only works in SSH. -X Enable X11 forwarding. -x Disable X11 forwarding (default). -A Enable agent forwarding. -a Disable agent forwarding (default). -t Enable pty allocation (default if a command is NOT specified). -T Disable pty allocation (default if a command is specified). -1 Force use of SSH protocol version 1. -2 Force use of SSH protocol version 2. -C Enable SSH compression. -i path Private key file for authentication. -s Remote command is SSH subsystem (SSH-2 only). -N Don't start a remote command or shell at all (SSH-2 only). -sercfg configuration-string Specify the configuration parameters for the serial port, in -serial mode. configuration-string should be a comma-separated list of configuration parameters as follows: o Any single digit from 5 to 9 sets the number of data bits. o `1', `1.5' or `2' sets the number of stop bits. o Any other numeric string is interpreted as a baud rate. o A single lower-case letter specifies the parity: `n' for none, `o' for odd, `e' for even, `m' for mark and `s' for space. o A single upper-case letter specifies the flow control: `N' for none, `X' for XON/XOFF, `R' for RTS/CTS and `D' for DSR/DTR. MORE INFORMATION
For more information on plink, it's probably best to go and look at the manual on the PuTTY web page: BUGS
This man page isn't terribly complete. See the above web link for better documentation. PuTTY tool suite 2004-03-24 plink(1)

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