Bonding a Bond with LACP

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Bonding a Bond with LACP
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Old 08-08-2013
RedHat Bonding a Bond with LACP

Does anyone know if it's possible to bond two bonds together? My situation is I have two older Cisco switches that cannot carry a LACP (bond level 4) aggregated between them, but separate aggregates can be setup on the switches themselves. In order to have redundancy of two switches I would normally just setup a regular bond going to both switches, but in this situation I need to setup LACP with two ethernet connections. So this means I need one LACP bond for each switch, followed by bonding each of those two bonds into a single bond.

In other words, four connections -- two connections in LACP (bond level 4) to each switch, and then bonding those bonds together in a master (default level 0) bond. The only information I've found for bonding LACP (level 4) is below, but nothing mentions if it's even possible to wrap a bond around other bonds.

TipsAndTricks/BondingInterfaces - CentOS Wiki

Configure Bonding / Link-Aggregation using LACP under RHEL 5.4 (or CentOS) | itground

How to configure network bonding in Linux | Backdrift

I've done this successfully many times with Solaris by creating separate aggregate devices (using dladm), and then putting the aggregates together for redundancy via IPMP. I'm basically wondering if that's even possible with Red Hat Linux.

I'm using Red Hat Enterprise 6.4

Any suggestions / ideas?

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Well, it looks like I found the answer to my own question finally. While this is possible in Solaris, Linux just isn't capable of it.

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