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Old 06-10-2011
Compare Empty Variable

Hello All,

I am running the below code in my script. I want if jk is empty nothing should be appened to the file total_usage.

but apparently its not happening.Kindy let me know how to do it.

         jk=`ps auxf |grep -w $inputline|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f1-|sort -nr -k5|grep -v root|grep -v grep`

         if [ -z "$jk"  ]
        echo "Its OK"
#        sed -e "/$tool/d" -e '/^$/d' total_usage>>total_usage
#         sed -e "/$tool/d" total_usage>>total_usage
            if [ $j -eq 0 ]

                     echo -e "\n$tool\n">>total_usage
                          ps auxf |grep -w $inputline|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f1-|sort -nr -k5|grep -v root|grep -v grep>>total_usage
                          j=`expr $j + 1`
                    ps auxf |grep -w $inputline|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f1-|sort -nr -k5|grep -v root|grep -v grep>>total_usage




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