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Commands to discover new LUNS with Brocade HBA

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Old Unix and Linux 01-20-2010
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Commands to discover new LUNS with Brocade HBA

Does anyone know of a commands to discover new LUNS in RHEL 4 and 5 using a Brocade HBA. It's so easy in HP-UX with the "ioscan" command or even in Solaris with the "devfsadm" command. I need something similar if anyone knows. Thank you.

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Old Unix and Linux 01-21-2010
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I often wondered myself is there is something like that on Linux. I know a similar command from AIX which is cfgmgr and should be like ioscan - it can be run and just finds everything newly discovered and makes the device ready for use.

Rosetta Stone for Unix shows following tools:
udev (2.6+)
Maybe one of them might help you. If it is not hot pluggable, you will have to turn off the box anyway and so with it will check for new hardware at boot (don't ask me how to trigger this, but if you find out, let us know here please).
If it is hot pluggable, maybe try with something like that command "hotplug", idk, sorry.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-21-2010
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Are you sure they are brocade HBAs and not switches? What modules are loaded on the system?

To scan for new LUNs, however, you should use this, as it is a part of SUSE, at least, but works on Red Hat and others:


I have used it like this

rescan-scsi-bus.sh -w -l -c

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