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Problems of OpenOffice installation on Centos 5.4??

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Problems of OpenOffice installation on Centos 5.4??
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Old 10-30-2009
Problems of OpenOffice installation on Centos 5.4??

Hello all,

I faced a serious problem when I installed the newest OpenOffice on CentOs 5.4. Could you give me some suggestions to solve it. thanks.

Everything went correct and the installation finished normally.
When I launch the program, it shows the wrong message as follows
" /opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice.bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: FT_Load_Sfnt_Table"

I checked the library mentioned above with "ldd /usr/lib/"
the output is,
[root@localhost lib]# ldd =>  (0x00219000) => /root/0.Programs/gv/lib/ (0x009f8000) => /lib/ (0x001bd000) => /lib/ (0x00c05000)
        /lib/ (0x00235000)

How can I do with this problem?
Thank you in advance!


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ooffice(1)							   User Commands							ooffice(1)

       ooffice - office suite

ooffice [-accept=accept-string] [-base] [-calc] [-display display] [-draw] [-global] [-headless] [-help|-h|-?] [-impress] [-invisible] [-math] [-minimized] [-n filename] [-nodefault] [-nolockcheck] [-nologo] [-norestore] [-o filename] [-p filename...] [-pt printername filename...] [-show presentation] [-unaccept=accept-string] [-terminate_after_init] [-view filename] [-web] [-writer] [filename...] oobase oocalc oodraw oofromtemplate ooimpress oomath ooweb oowriter DESCRIPTION is a fully featured office suite for the daily use with all features you would normally expect in a office suite. This script runs OpenOffice with the arguments <args> given on the command line. There are also some wrapper scripts in /usr/bin which run the wanted module. OPTIONS
filename... Files to operate on. Opening them is the default behavior, which can be influenced by command line arguments. -p will print the files instead. -accept=accept-string Notifies the software that upon the creation of "UNO Acceptor Threads", a "UNO Accept String" will be used. -base Starts with the database wizard. -calc Starts with an empty Calc document. -display display This option specifies the X server to contact; see X(7) -draw Starts with an empty Draw document. -global Starts with an empty Global document. -headless Starts in "headless mode", which allows using the application without user interface. This special mode can be used when the application is controlled by external clients via the API. -help|-h|-? Lists the available OOo-native command line parameters to the console. -impress Starts with an empty Impress document. -invisible Starts in invisible mode. Neither the start-up logo nor the initial program window will be visible. However, the software can be controlled and documents and dialogs opened via the API. When the software has been started with this parameter, it can only be ended using the taskmanager (Windows) or the kill command (UNIX based systems). It cannot be used in conjunction with -quickstart. -math Starts with an empty Math document. -minimized Keep the splash screen minimized. -n filename Creates a new document using filename as a template. -nodefault Starts the application without any window opened for the first time. A window appears if you start the office next time. It is used together with the option -nologo by quickstarters. Note that the option -quickstart has not been longer supported since 2.0.0. -nolockcheck Disables the check for remote instances using the installation. -nologo Disables the splash screen at program start. -norestore Disables restart and file recovery after a system crash. It is possible OOo will try to restore a file it keeps crashing on, if that happens -norestore is the only way to start OOo. -o filename Opens filename for editing, even if it is a template. -p filename... Prints the given files to the default printer and ends. The splash screen does not appear. If the file name contains spaces, then it must be enclosed in quotation marks. -pt printername filename... Prints the given files to the printer printername and ends. The splash screen does not appear. If the file name contains spaces, then it must be enclosed in quotation marks. -show presentation Starts with the given Impress file and starts the presentation. Enters edit mode after the presentation. -unaccept=accept-string Closes an acceptor that was created with -accept option. Use -unaccept=all to close all open acceptors. -terminate_after_init The office terminates after it registers some UNO services. The office doesn't show the intro bitmap during startup. -view filename Creates a temporary copy of the given file and opens it read-only. -web Starts with an empty HTML document. -writer Starts with an empty Writer document. TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEMS
See for more details about how to report bugs in SEE ALSO AUTHOR
This manual page was created by Rene Engelhard <> for the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution, because the original package does not have one. It was updated for Novell by Petr Mladek <>. 2008-11-19 ooffice(1)

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