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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Wireless driver
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Old 10-17-2009
Wireless driver

hi every one,please i need a link to download Broadcom WLAN 802.11 b/g driver for RHEL 5.1.
thank you
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BCMFW(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  BCMFW(8)

bcmfw -- firmware download utility for Broadcom BCM2033 chip based Bluetooth USB devices SYNOPSIS
bcmfw [-h] -f firmware_file_name -m mini-driver_file_name -n device_name DESCRIPTION
The bcmfw utility downloads the specified mini-driver and firmware files to the specified device. This utility will only work with Broadcom BCM2033 chip based Bluetooth USB devices. The identification is currently based on USB vendor ID/product ID pair. The vendor ID should be 0x0a5c (USB_VENDOR_BROADCOM) and the product ID should be 0x2033. Due to copyright issues I will no longer provide mini-driver and firmware files for the device. These files can be obtained from the Linux BlueZ bluez-firmware package. Visit http://www.bluez.org/download.html for details. I am using the following files from the bluez-firmware-1.0 package: MD5 (BCM2033-MD.hex) = 5580317158d07fc4ace90af04f8e1c73 MD5 (BCM2033-FW.bin) = b4e142b3272cfe5a84b32fda6b4b032f The options are as follows: -f firmware_file_name Specify firmware file name for download. -h Display usage message and exit. -m mini-driver_file_name Specify mini-driver file name for download. -n device_name Specify device name. FILES
BCM2033-MD.hex Mini-driver image. BCM2033-FW.bin Firmware image. /dev/ubtbcmfwN.EE Endpoint EE of device N. EXIT STATUS
The bcmfw utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. EXAMPLES
To download the firmware into the /dev/ubtbcmfw0 device: bcmfw -n ubtbcmfw0 -m BCM2033-MD.hex -f BCM2033-FW.bin SEE ALSO
ubtbcmfw(4), ugen(4) AUTHORS
Maksim Yevmenkin <m_evmenkin@yahoo.com> BUGS
Most likely. Please report if found. BSD
March 31, 2003 BSD