how to force a user to change the password

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat how to force a user to change the password
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Old 09-30-2009
Originally Posted by arm_naja
It have password, but still not works. ???

# passwd -d ratcha.c
Removing password for user ratcha.c.
passwd: Success

Using the -d option disables or removes a user password. The man page on passwd shows the -d option as disable a password.

You probably should use the -f option (force password change).

passwd -f ratcha.c
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Old 10-07-2009
I have tested on RHEL 5.3 and below is working fine.

echo "Creating a user account for arm_naja"
useradd arm_naja

echo arm_naja"1234"|passwd --stdin arm_naja
echo "User arm_naja password changed!"

echo arm_naja|chage -d 0 arm_naja
echo "User arm_naja will be forced to change password on next login!"
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