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DES and Crypt functions in Linux RedHat

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat DES and Crypt functions in Linux RedHat
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Old 08-07-2009
DES and Crypt functions in Linux RedHat


I wish to encrypt some files in Linux Redhat server using DES and Encrpt functions but I am not able to find such fncs in Linux.

Please help.

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DES(3)							User Contributed Perl Documentation						    DES(3)

Crypt::DES - Perl DES encryption module SYNOPSIS
The module implements the Crypt::CBC interface, which has the following methods blocksize =item keysize =item encrypt =item decrypt FUNCTIONS
blocksize Returns the size (in bytes) of the block cipher. keysize Returns the size (in bytes) of the key. Optimal size is 8 bytes. new my $cipher = new Crypt::DES $key; This creates a new Crypt::DES BlockCipher object, using $key, where $key is a key of "keysize()" bytes. encrypt my $cipher = new Crypt::DES $key; my $ciphertext = $cipher->encrypt($plaintext); This function encrypts $plaintext and returns the $ciphertext where $plaintext and $ciphertext should be of "blocksize()" bytes. decrypt my $cipher = new Crypt::DES $key; my $plaintext = $cipher->decrypt($ciphertext); This function decrypts $ciphertext and returns the $plaintext where $plaintext and $ciphertext should be of "blocksize()" bytes. EXAMPLE
my $key = pack("H16", "0123456789ABCDEF"); my $cipher = new Crypt::DES $key; my $ciphertext = $cipher->encrypt("plaintex"); # NB - 8 bytes print unpack("H16", $ciphertext), " "; NOTES
Do note that DES only uses 8 byte keys and only works on 8 byte data blocks. If you're intending to encrypt larger blocks or entire files, please use Crypt::CBC in conjunction with this module. See the Crypt::CBC documentation for proper syntax and use. Also note that the DES algorithm is, by today's standard, weak encryption. Crypt::Blowfish is highly recommended if you're interested in using strong encryption and a faster algorithm. SEE ALSO
Crypt::Blowfish Crypt::IDEA Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography, 1995, Second Edition, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. COPYRIGHT
The implementation of the DES algorithm was developed by, and is copyright of, Eric Young ( Other parts of the perl extension and module are copyright of Systemics Ltd ( ). Cross-platform work and packaging for single algorithm distribution is copyright of W3Works, LLC. MAINTAINER
This single-algorithm package and cross-platform code is maintained by Dave Paris <>. perl v5.12.1 2005-12-08 DES(3)

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