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device-mapper-multipath path [undef]

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat device-mapper-multipath path [undef]
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Old 07-23-2009
device-mapper-multipath path [undef]

I have an HP blade with Qlogic HBA's connected to an EVA8000. I have downloaded the latest multipath.conf from HP's website. The drive presented to the server appears to be configured and working except the output of "multipath -l" shows [undef] for all paths. What is causing this output?

mpath0 (3600508b400105ce40001800004210000) dm-4 HP,HSV210
[size=100G][features=1 queue_if_no_path][hwhandler=0][rw]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][active]
\_ 0:0:0:1 sda 8:0 [active][undef]
\_ 0:0:1:1 sdb 8:16 [active][undef]
\_ 1:0:0:1 sde 8:64 [active][undef]
\_ 1:0:1:1 sdf 8:80 [active][undef]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][enabled]
\_ 0:0:2:1 sdc 8:32 [active][undef]
\_ 0:0:3:1 sdd 8:48 [active][undef]
\_ 1:0:2:1 sdg 8:96 [active][undef]
\_ 1:0:3:1 sdh 8:112 [active][undef]
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Old 08-18-2009
It's very very strange. I have not found any kind of information about.

Could you post the next?:
lsmod | grep ^dm
uname -a
cat /etc/*release
cat /etc/multipath.conf
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Old 12-03-2009
probleme multipath

j'ai deux serveur SUN equipé par RHEL5.2 x86_64 :
SRV1 : 01FC mono + 01FC mono (qlogic)
SRV2 : 01FC dual (qlogic)

ça fonctionnait correctement et après une certaine période J'ai eu un problème lors du démarrage de SRV2.

udevd-event[3580]: wait_for_sysfs: waiting for '/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:0d.0/0000:04:00.0/host3/target3:0:0/3:0:0:0/ioerr_cnt' failed

Le fstab est correct sur SRV2:
/dev/dm-2 /data auto defaults 1 2
/dev/dm-3 /home auto defaults 1 2

Une fois SRV2 est démarrer, le /home est vide. Il faut que je fais mount /dev/dm-3 /home (ça se monte pas automatiquement)

Je trouve une différence entre SRV1 et SRV2 lorsque je fais : multipath -ll -v2

SRV1 :
mpath2 (3600a0b80004946b80000083b4a4a0137) dm-3 SUN,LCSM100_F
[size=305G][features=1 queue_if_no_path][hwhandler=1 rdac][rw]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=100][active]
\_ 1:0:0:1 sdf 8:80 [active][ready]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][enabled]
\_ 2:0:0:1 sdd 8:48 [active][ghost]
mpath1 (3600a0b8000493fb6000008674a4a0130) dm-2 SUN,LCSM100_F
[size=240G][features=1 queue_if_no_path][hwhandler=1 rdac][rw]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=100][active]
\_ 2:0:0:0 sdc 8:32 [active][ready]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][enabled]
\_ 1:0:0:0 sdb 8:16 [active][ghost]

SRV2 :
mpath17 (3600a0b80004946b80000083b4a4a0137) dm-2 SUN,LCSM100_F
[size=305G][features=1 queue_if_no_path][hwhandler=1 rdac][rw]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=100][active]
\_ 3:0:0:1 sdd 8:48 [active][ready]
mpath16 (3600a0b8000493fb6000008674a4a0130) dm-3 SUN,LCSM100_F
[size=240G][features=1 queue_if_no_path][hwhandler=1 rdac][rw]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][active]
\_ 3:0:0:0 sdc 8:32 [active][ghost]

c'est un problème de paths.

comment je peux résoudre ça.

Merci d'avance.

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