Error in querying file information

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Error in querying file information
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Old 07-21-2009
Error in querying file information


We have one application running where there is Linux Machine. For some some process I found the following message came,

error 5.8/116455-02/
Error in querying file information:
Permission denied [lstat(/vsa/distribution/common/e-admin/software/patches/SunOS/patches/5.8/116455-02/]


If anybody has any idea for this please let me know.

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Old 07-21-2009
How and where did you get this message from? Is this error from syslog?
This is my guess, the application or process trying to access the zip file does not have permission to the file.
Do an ls -l on the file and compare it with user that is running the application. Also, please provide more info on your app, OS, permissions etc.
It looks like you/application is doing some Sun OS patching on Linux Smilie

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Old 07-27-2009
Hello Nitin,

Thanks for your comments on the issue. This message came when the process ran .. joblog. Actually the application is trying to copy the SunOS patches from one server to another server, kind of syncing (rsync).

I checked for the zip file's permission what you have suggested and yes it did not have the required permission 644 (required here), it has 640. But when I changed it and again ran the process same error came.

Then I found out that in the destination server the directory(destination directory) permission was drwxr-Sr-x, which is not allowing its user to enter into this directory. But it needs to be drwxr-sr-x, as other directories also had it. So I made the change and it ran fine. Smilie
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