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Old 06-05-2001
Creating new shell in C

I am a student and I want to create a shell in C language.
The shell must be able to take commands(with arguments) from the user and execute them and show the results. Any help or ideas or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 06-05-2001
Here's what I expect a shell to do:

Display a prompt
Accept input
Parse input (wild-card/alias expansion, etc)
Pass input to "exec"

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Old 06-05-2001
I know what the shell must do butI want to know how to do it?
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Old 06-06-2001
Nobody is going to write an entire shell for you here in the forums. If you want to see examples of how a shell works, download the source code to one of the many free versions, such as <A HREF="">ksh93</A>, tcsh, etc.

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Old 06-06-2001
I thought PxT gave a very good reply on the high level requirements for a shell. Combined with a followup suggestion to review existing source code for shells is an excellent reply.

If anyone wants to followup with high-level requirements for a shell, or perhaps what a shell should do that current shells do not (based on network-centric models, perhaps?) that would be great!
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