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Old 10-19-2002
basic math program 4 child

Iam writing a script for my sisters friends little brother

i want the program to say hello lets say his name is Joe and ask him how he is and he can write a reply back saying fine and then it replys "Iam happy you are (his response) today
and then it goes into a basic math where he can put in a number hit enter put in another number and then it tells him the awnser.

Its to work on a win 98 machine and in C or Perl if it has to be
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Old 10-19-2002
Is there an exact question in there?

Are you asking for the entire answer?

What have you done so far?
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Old 10-19-2002
iam looking for the whole script.i havnt done anything yet
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Old 10-20-2002
Ok - I don't know C, but i know the groundwork to Perl - so here's one Perl solution:


print "\nHello Joe, how are you today? ";
chomp( $feelToday = <STDIN> );

print "\nI am happy you are $feelToday today.";
print "\nLet's do some math. What's your first number? ";
chomp( $firstNumber = <STDIN> );

print "\nWhat's your second number? ";
chomp( $secondNumber = <STDIN> );

$mathResult = $firstNumber + $secondNumber;
print "\nThe math result is $mathResult!\n\n";

Just put it in a script, make it executable and run it. Just make sure the first line points to the location of your Perl executable on your system!

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Old 10-20-2002
it works perfect. Thanks man. Cheers

so now how do i make it a .exe ????? i have perl2exe and how do i use that to make it a exe ?
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Old 10-20-2002
Sorry, I don't have perl2exe Smilie You'll have to check the docummentation or website
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Old 10-20-2002
OK - I was in a good mood; The website is:

And under the "Documentation" section, it clearly says:


So there you go! Now, having done your child's homework; my fee ... <change register sound>
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