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Old 08-07-2002
Question Pro*C Compiler HELP!!!!!

I am trying to use Pro*C compiler to use Oracle database in my C program. But I could not run the Pro*C compiler that comes with oracle called proc. It always gives the

PCC-F-NOERRFILE, unable to open error message file, facility PR2


Please Help me!!!!!
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Old 08-12-2002
I tried to check the Oracle site and found out this. for your problem, there is two situation which causes the error.

Your installation is probably broken in one of two ways:
1)You do not have the correct version of the oracle client installed from that version of Pro*C or it is in an incomplete install.
2)You are attempting to output the error/output file to a place where you DO NOT have write permissions. The default directory is where ever the Pro*C precompiler executable loads from (which may be a network drive).
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Old 08-12-2002
Please export these variables properly



In ORACLE_HOME/bin only proc should exist


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Old 08-20-2002
I was trying to do the same and got the same error message. I check all the variables and they were set and exported. The Oracle installation had been done by someone else before I got to my current client's location. I'm not an Oracle DBA but I did manage to check the oracle install log, and found that the proc compiler was actually called proc16 instead of proc. The proc executable gave me the same error. But when I ran proc16 without any arguments, it gave me a list of options, so it worked. Check your oracle install log and see what the proc binary is actually called.

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