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Old 08-07-2002
Question help !

I have meet a problem during complie under the sco unix 5.05 udk .the information show below:

cc -o stcom stcom.o stlib.o catchsin.o getlsd.o -L../../lib/sco -Ishm -Iipc -Isocket -Im
UX: Id :WNRNIGN:../../lib/sco/libshm.a(libshm.o):notice:internal conversion of COFF to ELF
UX:Id :ERROR:../../lib/sco/libshm.a(libshm.o): fatal error: cannot link openserver object inot iABI targer
*** ERROR code 1 (bu21)
UX:make :ERROR:fatal error

because it can be complied under the sco .3.0 5 ,
how can I deel with them ,help ,thank you .

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clm meet(1)							  USER COMMANDS 						       clm meet(1)

      clm meet - compute the intersection of a set of clusterings.

      clmmeet  is not in actual fact a program. This manual page documents the behaviour and options of the clm program when invoked in mode meet.
      The options -h, --apropos, --version, -set, --nop are accessible in all clm modes. They are described in the clm manual page.

      clm meet [-o fname (output file name)] [-h (print synopsis, exit)] [--apropos (print synopsis,  exit)]  [--version  (print  version,  exit)]
      <file name>+

      clm  meet  computes the intersection of a set of clusterings, that is, the largest clustering that is a subclustering of all the clusterings
      in the set. It stores the intersection (or meet) in the argument to the -o flag, which must be the first option given.  All remaining  argu-
      ments  are  interpreted  as  names of files containing clusterings in mcl format (see mcxio(5)), which must all pertain to a set of the same

      This utility can be useful in measuring (in conjunction with clm dist) the consistency of a set of clusterings at different levels of granu-
      larity  -  if  the meet of all those clusterings is close to being a subclustering of each of them, consistency is good. See clm dist for an

      -o fname (output file name)

      Stijn van Dongen.

      mclfamily(7) for an overview of all the documentation and the utilities in the mcl family.

  clm meet 12-068						      8 Mar 2012							 clm meet(1)

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