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Old 05-29-2002
Java DES Encryption


I'm writing a program to "lock" my computer while in X-mode (sort of my own version of xlock).

I've written the basic stuff.. but now I need encrypt the entered password, and compare it to the encrypted password in the /etc/shadow-file..

I looked in the man-pages for 'des', but I'm a little confused..

There are lots of function there, that generate keys, and encrypt data in different ways..

Which one should I use for my purpose?

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Old 05-29-2002
You will need to use the crypt(3C) routine.
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Old 05-29-2002
Thanks Smilie

I want to disable ctrl + alt + del while running the program.. how do I do that?

Is that a signal, just like the interrupt signal?

Just a newbie-question:

What does '3C' mean?

3 chars?


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Old 05-29-2002
The 3C means that it is section 3C of the manual. On a Sun you would type "man -s3C crypt" to get a man page. With HP-UX, you would type "man 3C crypt".

That cntl + alt + del is a pc concept. I'll have to leave that to someone else.
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Old 05-29-2002
Just one more question..

When I tried the crypt() function in a sample program, and encrypted my password, it didn't look anything like my password in the /etc/shadow-file..

Do I have to use other functions, to extract the password from the shadow-file?


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