Writing a .NET service to be Hosted in UNIX

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Old 05-21-2002
Lightbulb Writing a .NET service to be Hosted in UNIX

Has anyone here written an MS compatible .NET service that is hosted and served from a UNIX server instead of a W2K server? I love programming and writing .NET services with Visual Studio.NET and C#, but there is a fundamental problem --the Win2k server itself. It is not near as reliable as Sun and HP servers. I'd like to port the protocols to be served from a UNIX server for more reliable uptime if possible but am having a slightly difficult time trying to find documents that detail how the .NET service (or would it be a .NIX service?) needs to look and act.

Has anyone else here attempted this or know of any examples? I'm not looking for a canned package, but rather the means to roll my own.

---> Kelsey McClanahan
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The following table describes the values appropriate to various constants used in LAM. It also describes the meaning of the constants and lists the cpp(1) header files in which the constants can be found. To use these files, the Fortran source files will need to be passed through cpp(1) before they are given to the Fortran compiler. Some compiler drivers will run cpp(1) if the source file suffix is .F. In lieu of cpp(1), the constants can be copied to parameter statements in the Fortran source files. CONSTANT VALUE DESCRIPTION FILE Network Constants: LOCAL -2147483647 local node NET.h MAXNMSGLEN 8192 maximum length of one message packet NET.h NHDSIZE 8 maximum size in words of ndata NET.h argument NOTNODEID -2147483648 error occurred in IGNDID(2) NET.h NOTNODETYPE -2147483648 error occurred in IGRTP(2) NET.h Node Types: NTCAST 2 multicast definition NET.h NTWASTE 4 not fully used/wasted NET.h NTDISK 8 node with attached disk NET.h NTTUBE 16 node with attached video unit NET.h NTJONES 32 node is a neighbour NET.h NTBOOT 64 neighbour node to boot NET.h NTALL 127 matches any type NET.h Message Flags: NOBUF 16 turn off buffering NET.h NREEL 1024 multireel NET.h DRAWDATA 65536 ndata representation will not be NET.h changed DINT4DATA 131072 ndata holds 8 32-bit integer NET.h DFLT4DATA 262144 ndata holds 8 single precision reals NET.h DFLT8DATA 524288 ndata holds 4 double precision reals NET.h DRAWMSG 1048576 nmsg representation will not be NET.h changed DINT4MSG 2097152 nmsg holds integers NET.h DFLT4MSG 4194304 nmsg holds single precision reals NET.h DFLT8MSG 8388608 nmsg holds double precision reals NET.h Reserved Cast Identifiers: HOST2ALL -2147483646 multicast from origin to all nodes NET.h HOST2COMP -2147483642 multicast from origin to compute nodes NET.h File Flags: O_RDONLY 0 open for reading only FREQ.h O_WRONLY 1 open for writing only FREQ.h O_RDWR 2 open for reading and writing FREQ.h O_APPEND 8 append on each write FREQ.h O_CREAT 512 create file if it does not exist FREQ.h O_TRUNC 1024 truncate length to 0 FREQ.h O_EXCL 2048 error if create and file exists FREQ.h O_SYNC 8192 update file data and file status FREQ.h before writing O_LOCK 65536 lock file descriptor active FREQ.h O_REUSE 131072 reuse existing file descriptor FREQ.h O_1WAY 4194304 do not acknowledge writes FREQ.h Process Runtime Flags: RTF_WAIT 16 child sends a message to NET.h parent when it exits RTF_TRACE 256 enable process tracing NET.h LAM 6.5.8 November, 2002 CONSTANTS(5)