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Old 04-12-2002
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Smilie How to do Compiler a .so with oracle9 libs?

I have my file -> oracobo.pc
my .so is called by Cobol App. -> Runcobol (I don't have source).

Which is the statement of cc compiler?

It's Right :

proc oracobo.pc

cc -O -q32 -DDYNAMIC_LIBRARIES_SUPPORTED -L$ORACLE_HOME/lib/libclntsh.a -g -c oracobo.c

ld -b32 -L$ORACLE_HOME/lib/libclntsh.a -bI:runcobol.imp -bESmilieracobo.exp -lc -o oracobo.o

but when I run runcobol give me : ILLEGALL INSTRUCTION (COREDUMP)

Not found statement of oracle .sqlcxt ?

thanks for support!!!! Smilie


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SFC(1)							      General Commands Manual							    SFC(1)

sfc - The SyFi Form Compiler SYNOPSIS
sfc [OPTIONS] input.form ... DESCRIPTION
The SyFi Form Compiler (SFC) is a form compiler from the FEniCS project, compiling variational forms from the Unified Form Language (UFL) to efficient C++ implementations of Unified Form-assembly Code (UFC). SFC uses symbolic expressions for finite elements from SyFi. OPTIONS
-h, --help Display help text and exit. -o DIRECTORY, --outputdir DIRECTORY Output directory. -p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX Prefix string. -O LEVEL Compiler optimization level. -c CACHE, --cache CACHE Use JIT compiler cache. -i METHOD, --integration-method METHOD Specify integration method. METHOD may be either quadrature (default) or symbolic. -d ORDER, --integration-order ORDER Specify integration order. -w, --dolfin-wrappers Generate DOLFIN C++ wrapper code. -b, --benchmark Run benchmark of element tensor computation. -s, --safemode Use safe mode when generating (quadrature) code, writing complete integrand expressions unmodified. -g DEBUGLEVEL, --debug DEBUGLEVEL Enable generation of debugging code. -t, --timing Enable timing of code generation process. BUGS
Send comments, questions, bug reports etc. to LICENSE
SFC is licensed under the GNU LGPL Version 2, the same AUTHOR
SFC is written by Martin Sandve Alnaes <> and Kent-Andre Mardal <>. This manual page is written by Johannes Ring <>. SFC(1)

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