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Old 03-22-2002
ls behavior

I put this here because it is a 'behavior' type question..
I seem to remember doing ls .* and getting all the .-files, like


But ls .* doesn't do that, it lsts the contents of every .*-type subdirectory.

Is it supposed to?
I should think that a -R should be given to dive into subdirs?
All I have access to are Solaris, BSD and Linux, what is with the others?

AtleSmilie Smilie
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Old 03-22-2002
If I understand you question correctly

Your ls .* is finding the two directories . & .. (your current directory & the one a step back up the hierarchy)

use ls -d .* to supress printing the contents of these.
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Old 03-22-2002
Originally posted by Kevin Pryke
If I understand you question correctly

Your ls .* is finding the two directories . & .. (your current directory & the one a step back up the hierarchy)
Not as bad as that, it is not going up, but down.
It is printing all the stuff in .xauth, .netscape, etc.

use ls -d .* to supress printing the contents of these.
Thanks, that did it.
Alias set up instantly Smilie
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Old 03-22-2002
When you type "ls .*", what is happening is that your shell is expanding the "*" to ".sh_history .netscape/ .profile .blah .less/" and everything else starting with a ".".

The -d flag tells ls not to go into the directories, like it would if you did it the way above.

I have a very usefull alias:

alias l.='ls -ld .[a-zA-Z0-9]*'

so when I type "l.", it gives me a long listing of all the dot-files and directories without going into them, and without listing "." and "..".
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Old 03-22-2002
Originally posted by LivinFree

alias l.='ls -ld .[a-zA-Z0-9]*'
Thanks, LivinFree, that's exactly what I was looking for, even better than just stupidly aliasing ls itself!

L miss those l, lc and ll and whatever they wre called. You reminded me to make them!

If you want to have some more fun, I'm setting up a 'hackers corner' (hacker in the true sense of the word, of course, not as in 'intruder') at

it is a little cryptic, so it actually goes like this
/cgi-bin/signon.cgi - signon
/cgi-bin/manager.cgi - manage

For the kind of people mention belov Unix only Smilie

That is: Smilie and Smilie

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Old 03-22-2002
I never knew I would miss ll and the others until I used HP-UX for the first time... Now, the first thing I do on a new system is set up my ls alias' !

Here's some other helpful ones:

alias lr='ls -ltr'
lsd () { ls -l $@|grep "^d" ; }
alias emode='set -o emacs'
alias vmode='set -o vi'

Boy, do I love Unix!
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Old 03-22-2002
& amen 2 that Smilie

Not to start a shell war, but what is your favourite shell?
I've sort of rediscovered csh these days, it's really a shame that it seems to be losing out.

if ($< == "q") echo "yes"

is sort of 'natural' to a C programmer ...
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