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unexpected 'end of file' + sed command

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Top Forums Programming unexpected 'end of file' + sed command
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Old 02-08-2008
unexpected 'end of file' + sed command


i use this command in my code:

(void) sprintf ( LBuf, "/bin/sed 's/\\[//g;s\//]//g' %s > %s", tmp1,tmp2);

but i get this error :

sh: syntax error at line 1:'end of file' unexpected

any help please
thank you
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Old 02-08-2008
The C compiler munges \ characters, so writing a command line like this can be a problem. Print LBuf to a file,
chmod +x that_file 

and see what you get. it is easier to diagnose problems from the command line.

You can also use a command that does not use a lot of metacharacters:
sprintf(LBuf, "/bin/tr -d '[' < %s | tr -d ']' > %s", tmp1, tmp2);'

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