Does m_pMyObj = NULL; is the same as delete(m_pMyObj )?

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Top Forums Programming Does m_pMyObj = NULL; is the same as delete(m_pMyObj )?
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Old 12-25-2007
Does m_pMyObj = NULL; is the same as delete(m_pMyObj )?

Hello all
I need at some point to clear the class instance created im doing it from outside the class with this method:

void MyObj::ClearInstance()
  m_pMyObj = NULL;

My question is do I cause memory leak here?
Do I need to delete this instance also or instead?
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Old 12-26-2007
Originally Posted by umen
My question is do I cause memory leak here?
Do I need to delete this instance also or instead?
Assuming this is C++, then the answer is maybe. It depends entirely what type the variable is. Some types do have overloaded assignments that do allocate/delete or AddRef/Release as appropriate (eg ATL).
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