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Old 02-17-2002
Question advanced socket programming

hi every one
my post is about socket programming
i would know if anyone knows about send binary file in peer to peer connection.
if you have any information about it plzzz contact me or reply my post
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Old 02-18-2002
You're asking for quite a bit here. As a starting point I would suggest reading a book. I like UNIX Network Programming by Rich Stevens.
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Old 02-25-2002
In principle, all communication is 'binary'
That said, you have some options when creating a socket:

These are some protocols from a Linux book:
AF_UNIX (Is my book old, has this one gotten a new name?)
AF_INET - the one you probably want :-)
AF_ISO - Some new stuff ...
AF_NS - Xerox

Then, some socket types:

SOCK_STREAM - probably most used, connection based
SOCK_DGRAM - very intersting, can be fast on LAN
SOCK_RAW - Maybe this is the one you want?
If you build a new protocol, you may use this?

In principle, sockets are used like files:

open, read/write, close.

So, to transfer a file, you would open and write in one end, and open, read and close in the other ... but you probably have something particular in mind ...??

This is a GROSS oversimplification, does not speak about bind(), listen(), accept(), etc. - but check socket(3SOCKET), it will contain links to the other relevant calls.

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