pthread_cleanup_push/pop - cleanup handler problem

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Old 12-08-2007
pthread_cleanup_push/pop - cleanup handler problem

void cleanUp_delete(void * p)
	delete p;
	p = NULL;
	cout << "cleanUp_delete" << endl;

void connectionReader(void *thread,void*arg)
	connection* c = (connection*) arg;
	int bytes;
	char *buffer = new (char [512]);
	cout << "listening for " << c->socket << " " << inet_ntoa(c->addr) << endl;
	while(true) {
		if ((bytes = read(c->socket,(void*)buffer,sizeof(char[512]))) == -1){
			cout << "receive() error" << endl; 
		if(bytes == 0) break;
		cout << "received " << bytes << " bytes from " << inet_ntoa(c->addr) << endl;
		cout << buffer << endl;
	cout << "closing connection to " << c->socket << " " << inet_ntoa(c->addr) << endl;
	cout << "closed" << endl;

consider this portion of code. if it wont cout that cleanUp_delete, but if uncomment thqat c->~connection(), it will segfault. so it seems the cleanUp_delete was called, because c is deleted, but why would my message not be printed? the destructor of c, called from the cleanUp handler should cout also, but doesnt. im not sure if those handlers are called in a strange way or not at all. help me out please.
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Old 12-08-2007
i forgot to mention: the handlers should be called when i pthread_cancel the thread running the above while it is waiting for a read().
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Old 12-09-2007
You need either two different handlers to deal with the different types, or one handler that deals with different types..

struct mydata
  connection *c;
  char *buffer;

static void mycleanup(void *arg)
struct mydata *data=(struct mydata *)arg;
  delete data->c;
  delete data->buffer;

struct mydata data;

     data.c=(connection *)arg;
     data.buffer=new char[...]





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