problem while having a communication with serial port?????

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Top Forums Programming problem while having a communication with serial port?????
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Old 10-30-2007
but how to dial up modem.........
I had no idea about how to dial.......
how to make it online?????????
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Old 10-30-2007
You don't have to.

Go through the configuration and remove the modem dialing entries.
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Old 04-17-2008
Serial Communication with Mac OS X PHP script

Hi again,

I spoke with Keyspan and they assured me the USB to Serial device was working if I could use the Screen tool.

I asked why I was unable to redirect stdin/stdout to and from the /dev/tty. device and was told there was no reason I shouldn't be able to do so.

I have tried:

#echo A > /dev/ tty.USA28Xb2P1.1

The terminal window just hangs.

I have also tried #chat and #efax with no luck...

Has anyone had any luck with serial port communication from any other shell scripting language on a unix/linux box?



Subject: [nyphp-talk] Serial communication in Mac OS X
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Hi All,

I am trying to connect to /dev/tty.USA28Xb2P1.1 which is a Keyspan USB to
Serial adapter. I have had success using the screen utility, #screen
/dev/tty.USA28Xb2P1.1 but I would like to use PHP to create a web interface
to a microcontroller.

I have attempted fopen with no luck:

> $port = "/dev/tty.USA28Xb2P1.1";
> $p = fopen($port, 'r+');
> $read = fread($p, filesize($port));
> fclose($p);
> echo $read;
> $p = fopen($port, 'r+');
> fwrite($p, "A");
> fclose($p);

I have tried SerProxy but cannot get a connection through telnet. I have
also tried LibSerial but could only find version 0.5.2 which does not yet
support PHP apparently... I have read about IOKit but I am not sure it will
get me where I want to be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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