convert without using strtol

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convert without using strtol

Hi I need help with some function. I have to fetch data from stdin without using of scanf() (I have to use getc or getchar) and then each sign I want to convert to another sign - here I can't use function strtol Smilie . In the end i want to print this string to stdout without using of function printf (I have to use putc or putchar)

Thank all very much fot each idea
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Alarm bells start ringing when you hear the two terms "...I have to write..." and "... it cannot use ..." when no logical reason is given for either and the feature being denied is arbitrary.

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Sorry for my inaccurate information. This is my first topic in this forum...
I add more informations.
The function should convert for examle number 30 to sign "." number 31 to next sign in ASCII table...
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1. atol

2. sprintf/write
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