Looking for equal to Visual Studio for Unix

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Looking for equal to Visual Studio for Unix

Hello all
Im looking for IDE to edit / compile / debug similar to VC++ on windows
I need it for verity of UNIX platforms, what do you think is the best tool to use
And that its learning carve is easy ( as much as possible) .
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Try Kdevelop.
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Is there any easy path to do it in more general IDE like emacs or something?
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Then it will no longer be "simple" as you mentioned. I think everyone agrees that it is more difficult to edit with emacs (or vim) than a GUI such as kdevelop, and to me, emacs is not much of a GUI I can think of .....

Well, I have not mentioned Eclipse, although I guess there are third party plugins for C/C++.
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Or write/test the code on windows using VC++ then use scp/ftp/cvs to put the source on UNIX for building.
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thanks for the relpy folks , ok and if i still will like to use emacs does it have all the things kdevelop have?
is there good books/tutorials about using c++ with emacs and kdevelop ?
by the way im using vi all the time and know it very well , so is it going to be easier??

thanks allot
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is there good books/tutorials about using c++ with emacs and kdevelop ?
by the way im using vi all the time and know it very well , so is it going to be easier??
Which *IX are you using? Linux comes natively with XEmacs and KDevelop. I guess you will find KDevelop easier and smooth to switch to from VS since it has all the components required by the C/C++ developers and more.

You could also try out the NetBeans 5.5.* from Sun. But its a resource eater.
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