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Old 01-22-2002
Well, to the best of my knowledge, there is no real standard in placing programs. For example, I have seen gcc in /usr/bin, /opt/gcc/bin, /usr/contrib/bin, /usr/gnu/bin...

It's just where the admin / distributers want it...
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Old 06-21-2006
gcc error

I am getting error like

root@kplapp2u # ./gcc /export/home/kplus/K2W/K2W.c
Undefined first referenced
symbol in file
MQPUT /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
MQCLOSE /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_main_loop /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
MQCONN /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
MQDISC /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
MQOPEN /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_Display_msg /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_create /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_Buffer_get /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_Integer_set /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_init /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_setf /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_get /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_set /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ICC_DataMsg_send_to_server /var/tmp//ccC2ryxn.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors.

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Old 06-21-2006
Those are linker errors.

I assume you are linking icc code. Let's assume the run time library for icc is
/usr/lib/ ( I don't know the correct name...)

# ./gcc /export/home/kplus/K2W/K2W.c -L licc -o /export/home/kplus/K2W/K2W

Also, do not run everyday tasks logged on as root. It's a terrible idea.
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