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Old 01-14-2002
Pleeeease help ...........

I am porting a program from Linux to Solaris . While linking the program in Solaris, it's not able to find libfl.a. Can anyone tell me the equivalent of libfl.a on solaris.

Also, if I have to find out more information on a library say libfl.a like for what all functions is it needed , how can I do that ???

Thanks in Advance .....

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Old 01-22-2002
You can use the #dump -Tv command to see the symbols of the object. Also u can use the "nm" command. See the manual for details. In the first place take out the libfl.a from Makefile, it doesnt exist anyway. Find unresolved symbols (either with a map file or via nm) and see if u can find these functions in your Solaris. This must not be standard, since it doesnt exist either in AIX. I suppose then it is a difficult job to do, since you may have to rewrite these functions...

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