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Old 12-06-2001
Tools calling Perl from C


I am trying to execute a perl script from c program.
I tried using system command.

system("perl filename") ;

This perl program takes filename as input and prints a number
to screen.

I need to get that returned number in C program.
system command is executing perl program, but I am not
able to get the return number. How I can get the return
value in c.

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Old 12-07-2001

Two simple ways of getting the output are:

1.) system("perl filename > output.txt"); ----> and then open the file output.txt and read it for the output.

2.) popen("perl filename", "r"); and read the output, which is the method I suggest. ----> See the man pages of popen()

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Old 12-12-2001
u dont even need to use
system("perl filename") ;

better put the first line of your PERL file as #!/usr/bin/perl

then u can directly use

system(" filename >output")
and then read from this output file

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Old 04-01-2009

How to pass the return value to C program?
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