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Old 10-22-2001
Program in linux for all unix os

Hello there,

I have the following mission for my internship:

- Take an existing program which uses OpenGL writen in Delphi, for Windows.
- Write this program in C++ for all operating systems from which the name end on a "X"

So, what kind of features does this program need.

- There has to be a windows like GUI
- I have to use OpenGL in the program

I have linux as OS. I am not a linux expert or something and I don't intend to become one. I don't think this is needed for my "mission", but I have already encountered some problems which could be the result of my "little linux knowledge". Someone told me there is wxwindows, a library which contains all kind of classes to create a nice looking GUI application and which already has OpenGL "support". I installed these libray's exacly following the instrucions and I have read all f*****g manuals, but it won't compile. I use the newest gcc, there are included some sample programs which should be compiled imediately using a makefile, but it doesn't work. I get the error message that I have to set some vars and other s**t. I realy don't get it. Even when I only include only the main header file (wx.h) it still gives the same errors.

Enough about wxwindows. The reason why I wrote this tread is that I am looking for some help on my project. Does anyone happen to know some common errors with installing such library's. Or maybe someone can tell me if I should use some other library's. I am at the beginning of my project so im am lokking for some possibility's to reach the goal of the internship as writen above. I realy need some help, I have read documentation and manuals for some days now, but none are explaining the things I want.

If you have some questions don't hasitate mailing me at .

Greeting Stijn and thx in advance

PS Sorry for my bad english.Smilie
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Old 10-23-2001
You'll need the OpenGL libraries for your specific
platform. Since I don't know what that is, here's a source
for a Linux version...

...other than that, I would suggest looking at...
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