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Old 10-21-2001
serial port reading

Hai there,

Can any one provide me with a ansi c source code for
opening com1 or com2 and read data. The port is connected to
another serial communication device on rs232 port.

The o/s is Sco Unix 5.0.6

Matter urgent


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plmpower(8)							     powerman							       plmpower(8)

plmpower - control Insteon/X10 devices via SmartLabs PLM 2412S SYNOPSIS
plmpower --device serial-port DESCRIPTION
plmpower is a helper program for powerman which enables communication with Insteon/X10 devices via SmartLabs Power Line Modem, model 2412S. It is run interactively by the powerman daemon. It can also be useful as a standalone tool for debugging X10/Insteon networks based on the above device. NETWORK SETUP
Note the addresses of your Insteon/X10 devices. Plug the PLM into an AC outlet, preferably on the same electrical phase as the devices under control. Devices are available to bridge phases if this is not possible. Attach the PLM's serial port to your computer, and ensure that nothing else is using the serial port such as the system console or getty(8). Run plmpower and try the interactive commands below to see if the devices respond reliably. Once everything is working, configure powermand to run plmpower as a coprocess as described in powerman.conf(5). OPTIONS
-d, --device serial-port Specify the path to the special file connected to the PLM's serial port. -t, --timeout msec Set the Insteon timeout to the specified number of milliseconds (default 1000). -x, --x10-attempts number Set the number of times to run every X10 command (default 3). X10 does not provide an ACK/NAK mechanism like Insteon so we cannot be certain that any particular X10 command completed, therefore X10 commands are issued multiple times to increase confidence. INTERACTIVE COMMANDS
The following commands are accepted at the plmpower> prompt. Address arguments may be Insteon (e.g. 1A.2B.3C) or X10 (e.g. G12). help Display help on the available commands. info Get info about the PLM. reset Reset the PLM (clears the all-link db). on addr Turn on device. off addr Turn off device. status addr Query status of device (Insteon only). ping addr Time round trip request/response to device (Insteon only). FILES
/usr/sbin/plmpower /etc/powerman/powerman.conf ORIGIN
PowerMan was originally developed by Andrew Uselton on LLNL's Linux clusters. This software is open source and distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. SEE ALSO
powerman(1), powermand(8), httppower(8), plmpower(8), vpcd(8), powerman.conf(5),, powerman-devices(7). powerman-2.3.5 2009-02-09 plmpower(8)