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Curl alternative for python code

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Curl alternative for python code

Need to run this api command via curl, the python code works without any problems , but we want the same to be run as curl command
import requests
params = {'username': 'testuser'}
params['access_token'] = 'c3NhbmthMDJjsd'
params['region'] = 'test'
params['role'] = 'guide'
params['ipaddr'] = ''
params['name'] = 'test-testhost-001'
params['check'] = 'enable' 
url = ''
r =, data=params)

Need help on how to post it via curl command Smilie
# 2  
curl -d username=testuser -d access_token=.... etc..

Do all of the -d parms corresponding to your parms from your post and then give it the url as the last parameter

Does that point you in the right direction?
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Also possible with wget.

wget "" --post-data="username=testuser&access_token=c3NhbmthMDJjsd&region=test&role=guide&ipaddr="

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