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Old 09-28-2001
Network c++ templates problems in g++

what we have:
class TClass {

template<class T> class FClass<T>: public T {

TClass::TClass() {
// some code

template<class T> FClass<T>::FClass : T() {
// some code

int main (int argc,char* argv[]) {
FClass<TClass>* FClass1 = new FClass<TClass>;
return 0;

g++ doesn't seem to like this code portion and failed to compile this, but Borland C++ Builed compiled this without any warnings.

What's wrong?
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Old 09-28-2001
i misspelled some:
template<class T> FClass<T>::FClass() : T() {
//some code
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Old 09-28-2001
hm... that's not my misspelling Smilie this forum has completely erased all c++ templates tags Smilie(((((
so this code looks wrong now Smilie
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Old 09-28-2001
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