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Old 09-26-2013
It was very close Smilie
#include <stdio.h>
int a = 128;
int b = 253;
int i;

  for (i=7; i>=0; i--) {
    if (b & a)
    a = a >> 1;

$ cc -o test1 test1.c
$ ./test1

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Old 09-30-2013
if (b & a) ?
if (b&a) what? I dont see how that is a condition, could you explain it please?

Sorry about being so dumb
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Old 09-30-2013
It's a bitwise and, meaning the resultant bits are one if the corresponding bits from both a and b are one, otherwise 0.

For example:
Dec Binary
179 10110011
217 11011001
145 10010001

As you had already used it, I presumed you knew what it meant Smilie
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Old 09-30-2013
is short for
if (b & a != 0)

The following should work as well
int a;
int b = 253;
  for (a = 128; a > 0; a >>= 1) {
    printf ("%d", b & a);

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Old 09-30-2013
Thank you, I was trying to get the integer b = 253 in binary form though, I'm assuming this wouldn't help. because it gives me a totally different binary
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