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Perl regex

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Old 08-07-2013
Perl regex

Hello folks,

Looking for a quick help on regex in my perl script.

here's the string i want to parse and get the 2nd field out of it.

$str = "        2013-08-07 12:29        Beta            ACTIVE";

I want to extract 'Beta' out of this string. This string will keep on changing but the format will be same as above. The second field i'm interested in might be a combination of alphanumeric and non-whitespace character like '_'


$str = "        2013-08-07 12:29        Backup_Beta_08072013        ACTIVE";

I want the 'Backup_Beta_08072013' to be extracted from above line.
Please help.
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Old 08-07-2013
If the format is the same, this should work:

my $str1 = "        2013-08-07 12:29        Beta            ACTIVE";
my $str2 = "        2013-08-07 12:29        Backup_Beta_08072013        ACTIVE";

my @newstr1 = split(/ {4}/, $str1);
my @newstr2 = split(/ {4}/, $str2);

print "$newstr1[4]\n";
print "$newstr2[4]\n";


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Old 08-16-2013
The regex

matches both:

$cat dat
        2013-08-07 12:29        Beta            ACTIVE
        2013-08-07 12:29        Backup_Beta_08072013        ACTIVE
$perl -n -w -e 'm|^.*\s+(\S*Beta\S*)\s+| ; print "$1" ."\n"; ' dat 

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