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Old 11-12-2001
I assume you are using some commercial
compiler. If so, you compiler documentation
should have info on this. In any case, you can
also try...

man dbx ...or... man adb

Just some more info, adb is not a source level
debugger and may make debugging more difficult
if you aren't familiar with it.

Anyway, you can get mote info at...

...also, some other nice "free" debugging tools

...good luck! Smilie
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Old 11-16-2001
Hi rwb1959,

This matter has become of great urgency to me. I got a new core dump today, and I need to analyze it. I am using dbx, and I see that one element in my array is blank even though it should contain data valid data, and this is the source to our program bombing out.

The question is, using the core and dbx can I get a trace of every time this array was refferenced and/or modified. Do I need a different debugger? If the core isn't enough, is there a different method to get a trace of my program?

Another big problem is that this oly happens on the customer';s machine, I cannot replicate it on my dev machine. And even worse, when I dial in to the customer I cannot reproduce it either?

If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate ie.

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Old 11-16-2001
dbx should work for you. You can even
execute the program via dbx and set break points
to allow you to step through the segment of code
and "watch" the variable in question. However,
multithreaded programs tend to be more difficult
to "step" through and in many cases that I have
observed personally, the code will not fail
when executed from the debugger Smilie

I would recommend a couple of things...
I would first add signal handling to catch
the signal (I assume you are getting a SEGV or
Segmentation fault type of error). This will
at least allow you to "control" the fault
detection to allow your program to "clean up"
then you can all "abort()" to dump a core image
if you like. Also, I would go to the
"old fashioned" way of what I like to call
"brute force" debugging. I would add logging
code around the sections of code that assign
values to this variable (be sure to "flush()" the
output to the log before moving on to the next
statement). Also, make sure that the Oracle
libraries and any shared libraries that you use
on the production machine are the same version
as your development environment.

Another thing to try, is if you can build the
code completely with "static" libraries, do that.

It may also help to post the "exact" system
error message. I assuming it's a SEGV error
which typically indicates stack corruption which
can easily happen if the bounds of an array are
exceeded but seeing the error would verify this
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