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Old 08-24-2001
Event firing

I am writing a program in C.
It is kind of a daemon process.
In this program, at the end of every 2 hours,
i need to fire an event. How can i achieve this
timer effect in my program?
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Old 08-24-2001
getitimer, setitimer (2) - get or set value of an interval timer
getitimer, setitimer - get or set value of an interval

#include &lt sys/time.h &gt

int getitimer(int which, struct itimerval *value);
int setitimer(int which, const struct itimerval *value,
struct itimerval *ovalue);

The system provides each process with three interval
timers, each decrementing in a distinct time domain. When
any timer expires, a signal is sent to the process, and
the timer (potentially) restarts.

ITIMER_REAL decrements in real time, and delivers
SIGALRM upon expiration.
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