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Old 10-01-2011
I am beginner to perl programming language. I have large XML file it contains information about all diagnostic tests and their descriptions. each diagnostic test having one code like "1100" and regarding description in xml comments. for example my xml code like this
               <cause>battery short circuit</cause>
                <description> check proper connection</description>

like as i shown in above i have more number of tests in my xml file. now i have to create hash table using perl script. in the hash table testnumber as a key and description as a value. finally i need to create hash table with all testnumbers and according descriptions.

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Old 10-01-2011
start by looking at the available XML modules. The CPAN Search Site -
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Old 10-01-2011
i started reading that modules but i cant able how to create hash table by reading xml files.
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Old 10-01-2011
ok - so you have a working script to parse the XML document correctly and now you want to build a hash of diagnostic codes? Please post the code you have done already.
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Old 10-01-2011
Hi frank,
I am posting my code what i tried. i am reading a xml file and extracting information <DTC> to </DTC>. because my test number and test description starts and ends with that comments. i am posting my original code also here.

my perl script:
use warnings;
use strict;
 open(File1, "formal.xml") or die "una
+ble to open file: $!\n";
 open(File2, ">formal.xml") or die "unable to open file: $!\n";
print "$_\n";
print File2 "$_\n";
close (File1);
while (<File>)
   if (m|^\s*<DTC>| ... m|^\s*</DTC>|)

but now i dnt know how to create hash table with this data.I have 100 testcodes and their descriptions like as same as above.

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Old 10-03-2011
My code is working to extract the content but i dnt know how to build hash table using perl script.

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Old 10-03-2011
Originally Posted by veerubiji
My code is working to extract the content but i dnt know how to build hash table using perl script.
Please try the XML::Simple module. It is much simplier than write a parser by yourself.

XML::Simple -
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