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gcc for solaris 2.6

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Old 10-19-2001
Hi jennifer,
You can download the GCC releases from the sites given here.
this site gives you the gcc of HP-UX version in dept format. you can install using "swinstall" command
This site will give you the various latest releases(2.95.x, 3.x) of gcc download.

hope this might help you.
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Old 10-19-2001
gcc is NOT only working under /usr/local
the path will depend on the time you compile it and what path you assign to "prefix"

i.e. ./configure prefix=/usr/global

then gcc binary will be /usr/global/bin/gcc
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Old 11-27-2001
Hi yellowfish.

At the download site, there is two version (complied and not complied).

I think you refer to the not complied binary. If that is the case you are right.

But if your download the complied version, you have to put in the /usr/local location which the site mentioned.


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