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Old 07-07-2011
Error:readline() on closed filehandle Perl


i have run the below perl code and i am getting an error

Error:readline() on closed filehandle OR at line 31.

open OR,$ARGV[2];
while (<OR>) { # find the batch date
next if length $_ < 3; # BLANK LINE
# last if $. > 120; # sample should be good enough
$firstOr ||= $orId;
close OR;


How to solve this error???

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Old 07-07-2011
seems, your file handler is not opened the file itself.

replace your open statement and run the code

open OR, $ARGV[2] or die "can't open $ARGV[2]: $!\n";

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Old 07-07-2011
Are you checking if the file you're trying to open actually exists, and that you have read permissions on it?

Some thumb rules I use that can be applied here:
  • use strict;
  • use warnings;
  • 3 Parameter open >> any other form
  • Always check $! and $@ after something error prone
  • Never rely on $_ unless you know what you're doing
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Old 07-07-2011
basic perl code-

Thanks pludi, itkamaraj for helping me :-)

the problem is file was not present

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