php script is not getting connected to mysql db

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Old 06-07-2011
php script is not getting connected to mysql db

Hi.. am a new to PHP scripting.

My php script is not getting connected to mysql db. Please help me!

i didn't get any errors in the output. may be the configuration issue. Smilie

my script is,

$username = "user";
$password = "pwd";
$hostname = "db.mysql"; 
$dbhandle = mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password) 
if (!$dbhandle) {
    die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
echo 'Connected successfully';

Thanks in Advance

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Old 06-07-2011
If you are using PHP version 5.3.x, php_mssql.dll is no longer supported. The replacement is php_sqlsrv.dll.
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Old 06-07-2011
Am using the PHP version - 5.2.8
wamp server version is
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Old 06-10-2011
hi.. can any one help me ?
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