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Java regular expression help


I need to write a java regular expression that has the following rules:

a) should not start with space or '.' (dot) character(s)
b) should not contain spaces in between of the characters
c) total characters length must be less than 80
d) should not be empty string

Can anyone help me to write this?
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regex(3)						     Library Functions Manual							  regex(3)

       re_comp, re_exec - regular expression handler

       char *re_comp(s)
       char *s;

       char *s;

       The  subroutine	compiles  a string into an internal form suitable for pattern matching.  The subroutine checks the argument string against
       the last string passed to

       The subroutine returns 0 if the string s was compiled successfully; otherwise a string containing an  error  message  is  returned.  If	is
       passed 0 or a null string, it returns without changing the currently compiled regular expression.

       The  subroutine returns 1 if the string s matches the last compiled regular expression, 0 if the string s failed to match the last compiled
       regular expression, and -1 if the compiled regular expression was invalid (indicating an internal error).

       The strings passed to both and may have trailing or embedded newline characters; they are terminated by	nulls.	 The  regular  expressions
       recognized are described in the manual entry for given the above difference.

       The subroutine returns -1 for an internal error.

       The subroutine returns one of the following strings if an error occurs:

       No previous regular expression
       Regular expression too long
       unmatched (
       missing ]
       too many () pairs
       unmatched )

See Also
       ed(1), ex(1), egrep(1), fgrep(1), grep(1)