Acceessing DB2 UDB in AIX COBOL on unix

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Old 10-20-2009
Acceessing DB2 UDB in AIX COBOL on unix

Hi ,

We are migrating our database from DB2 z/os to DB2 UDB on UNIX.
and cobol on mainframes to AIX cobol on UNIX.

We have some cobol Db2 programs that are accessing different Databases
how do we code such type of programs in AIX cobol.

Do we need to Establish connection for accessing Each Tables


Table1 under Database1
Table2 under Database2

While Accessing These tables
do we need to connect to

connect to Database1

Exec SQL
select from table1

connect to Database2

Exec SQL
select from table2

Is this correct way for programming.
Is there any alternate approach for doing this.

and how do we compile such cobol and execute DB2 Programs.

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db2_table_privileges - Returns a result set listing the tables and associated privileges in a database

resource db2_table_privileges (resource $connection, [string $qualifier], [string $schema], [string $table_name]) DESCRIPTION
Returns a result set listing the tables and associated privileges in a database. PARAMETERS
o $connection - A valid connection to an IBM DB2, Cloudscape, or Apache Derby database. o $qualifier - A qualifier for DB2 databases running on OS/390 or z/OS servers. For other databases, pass NULL or an empty string. o $schema - The schema which contains the tables. This parameter accepts a search pattern containing _ and % as wildcards. o $table_name - The name of the table. This parameter accepts a search pattern containing _ and % as wildcards. RETURN VALUES
Returns a statement resource with a result set containing rows describing the privileges for the tables that match the specified parame- ters. The rows are composed of the following columns: +-------------+---------------------------------------------------+ |Column name | | | | | | | Description | | | | +-------------+---------------------------------------------------+ | TABLE_CAT | | | | | | | The catalog that contains the table. The value is | | | NULL if this table does not have catalogs. | | | | |TABLE_SCHEM | | | | | | | Name of the schema that contains the table. | | | | | TABLE_NAME | | | | | | | Name of the table. | | | | | GRANTOR | | | | | | | Authorization ID of the user who granted the | | | privilege. | | | | | GRANTEE | | | | | | | Authorization ID of the user to whom the privi- | | | lege was granted. | | | | | PRIVILEGE | | | | | | | The privilege that has been granted. This can be | | | one of ALTER, CONTROL, DELETE, INDEX, INSERT, | | | REFERENCES, SELECT, or UPDATE. | | | | |IS_GRANTABLE | | | | | | | A string value of "YES" or "NO" indicating | | | whether the grantee can grant the privilege to | | | other users. | | | | +-------------+---------------------------------------------------+ SEE ALSO
db2_column_privileges(3), db2_columns(3), db2_foreign_keys(3), db2_primary_keys(3), db2_procedure_columns(3), db2_procedures(3), db2_spe- cial_columns(3), db2_statistics(3), db2_tables(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_TABLE_PRIVILEGES(3)

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