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Old 10-09-2009
Xlib simple program.

I don't know if it is right to ask you this. Can someone help me write a simple Xlib program,with button on it,and all that button do is switch 2 messages.
I have tried and tried,but never get past Hello World. Can someone help me please?

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Here is the example of Hello World code for Xlib. How can i add button in here,to display another message?


  (c) Copyright Paul Griffiths 1999
  Email: mail@paulgriffiths.net

  "Hello, World!", X Window System style.


#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xutil.h>
#include <X11/Xos.h>
#include <X11/Xatom.h>

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>

/*  Global variables  */

Display *     display;
int           screen_num;
static char * appname;

/*  main() function  */

int main( int argc, char * argv[] ) {

    /*  Window variables  */

    Window       win;
    int          x, y;
    unsigned int width, height;
    unsigned int border_width;
    char *       window_name = "Hello, X Window System!";
    char *       icon_name   = "HelloX";

    /*  Display variables  */

    char *       display_name = NULL;
    unsigned int display_width, display_height;

    /*  Miscellaneous X variables  */

    XSizeHints *  size_hints;
    XWMHints   *  wm_hints;
    XClassHint *  class_hints;
    XTextProperty windowName, iconName;
    XEvent        report;
    XFontStruct * font_info;
    XGCValues     values;
    GC            gc;
    appname = argv[0];

    /*  Allocate memory for our structures  */

    if ( !( size_hints  = XAllocSizeHints() ) || 
	 !( wm_hints    = XAllocWMHints()   ) ||
	 !( class_hints = XAllocClassHint() )    ) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: couldn't allocate memory.\n", appname);

    /*  Connect to X server  */

    if ( (display = XOpenDisplay(display_name)) == NULL ) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: couldn't connect to X server %s\n",
		appname, display_name);

    /*  Get screen size from display structure macro  */

    screen_num     = DefaultScreen(display);
    display_width  = DisplayWidth(display, screen_num);
    display_height = DisplayHeight(display, screen_num);

    /*  Set initial window size and position, and create it  */

    x = y = 0;
    width  = display_width / 3;
    height = display_width / 3;

    win = XCreateSimpleWindow(display, RootWindow(display, screen_num),
			      x, y, width, height, border_width,
			      BlackPixel(display, screen_num),
			      WhitePixel(display, screen_num));

    /*  Set hints for window manager before mapping window  */

    if ( XStringListToTextProperty(&window_name, 1, &windowName) == 0 ) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: structure allocation for windowName failed.\n",

    if ( XStringListToTextProperty(&icon_name, 1, &iconName) == 0 ) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: structure allocation for iconName failed.\n",

    size_hints->flags       = PPosition | PSize | PMinSize;
    size_hints->min_width   = 200;
    size_hints->min_height  = 100;

    wm_hints->flags         = StateHint | InputHint;
    wm_hints->initial_state = NormalState;
    wm_hints->input         = True;

    class_hints->res_name   = appname;
    class_hints->res_class  = "hellox";

    XSetWMProperties(display, win, &windowName, &iconName, argv, argc,
		     size_hints, wm_hints, class_hints);

    /*  Choose which events we want to handle  */

    XSelectInput(display, win, ExposureMask | KeyPressMask |
		 ButtonPressMask | StructureNotifyMask);

    /*  Load a font called "9x15"  */

    if ( (font_info = XLoadQueryFont(display, "9x15")) == NULL ) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: cannot open 9x15 font.\n", appname);

    /*  Create graphics context  */

    gc = XCreateGC(display, win, 0, &values);

    XSetFont(display, gc, font_info->fid);
    XSetForeground(display, gc, BlackPixel(display, screen_num));

    /*  Display Window  */

    XMapWindow(display, win);

    /*  Enter event loop  */

    while ( 1 ) {
	static char * message = "Hello, X Window System!";
	static int    length;
	static int    font_height;
	static int    msg_x, msg_y;

	XNextEvent(display, &report);

	switch ( report.type ) {

	case Expose:

	    if ( report.xexpose.count != 0 )

	    /*  Output message centrally in window  */

	    length = XTextWidth(font_info, message, strlen(message));
	    msg_x  = (width - length) / 2;

	    font_height = font_info->ascent + font_info->descent;
	    msg_y  = (height + font_height) / 2;

	    XDrawString(display, win, gc, msg_x, msg_y,
			message, strlen(message));


	case ConfigureNotify:

	    /*  Store new window width & height  */

	    width  = report.xconfigure.width;
	    height = report.xconfigure.height;


	case ButtonPress:            /*  Fall through  */
	case KeyPress:

	    /*  Clean up and exit  */

	    XUnloadFont(display, font_info->fid);
	    XFreeGC(display, gc);


    return EXIT_SUCCESS;   /*  We shouldn't get here  */

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No one? Smilie
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Old 10-09-2009
Bumping up posts or double posting is not permitted in these forums.

Please read the rules, which you agreed to when you registered, if you have not already done so.

You may receive an infraction for this. If so, don't worry, just try to follow the rules more carefully. The infraction will expire in the near future

Thank You.

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Old 10-09-2009
Yes,i received a warning. My appologize,I should read these rules more carefully. I was just sad because no one can help me. Smilie But ok,I'll somehow manage myself,although I'm full begginer.
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