C POSIX: Analyze a Boggle board using 100% CPU on a quad core.

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Old 10-05-2009
micro-parallel = algorithm cut up into its smallest independent units, so that the performance will be directly proportional to the number of processor cores up to the maximum number of independent units. Inter-thread communication needs to be close to instantaneous for this relation to hold.
CUDA would seem to be a good fit. If you go this route, I recommand that you use a card with a GPU which supports compute capability 1.3 such as the GeForce GTX 260.
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Old 10-05-2009

Thanks but I am chronically unemployed. Aerospace engineering hasn't really worked out for this go-getter.

There is an ATI facility near my home, and I decided to support that company when I got my HD4830 video card.

Also, my CPU is running at 3ghz with 12MB L2 cache. What sort of setup does Nvidia have to stand up to that?

It looks like huge batch processing per thread is the way to go.

Too bad you couldn't really help out. I'll keep you posted on my work if you are interested.
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