Porting the server part of a VC++ Application on UNIX OS

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Old 07-09-2001
Question Porting the server part of a VC++ Application on UNIX OS


I am a VC++ programmer. I want to port my existing , working VC++ application on windows NT using MS-Word on to Unix as an OS....

My requirement is just to port the server part of the application on UNIX and client part would remain in NT.

I have many issues to handle to finally porting it..like

1. how to find a replacement of the Registry...in Windows NT
2. how MS-SQL server database functionality can be replaced..
3. the GUI of windows is to be implemented on UNIX
4. how to replace the MFC classes on WinNT on unix as my existing application uses extensively MFC and its extensions(stringray)

5. How to handle the interprocess communication between UNIX and NT..

Please anyone help ASAP or atleast update me with ever u can...

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Old 07-10-2001
Windows NT architecture is dramatically different that UNIX. You cannot simply convert dramatically different architectures. NT registries, etc. all of these 'NT things' do not simply translate to UNIX.

When architectures are very different, a much higher level of transformation is required; normally a top down architectural redesign.
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