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Equivalent function for matlab on scilab

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Old 09-18-2009
Equivalent function for matlab on scilab

Hello everyone,
i need help with this , i need the equivalent matlab funtion tf(x,y) in scilab
and what do u recommend best from those three for a linux user (i need it for Control theory):

thank you for your time

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pdebuild-user-mode-linux(1)					     pbuilder					       pdebuild-user-mode-linux(1)

pdebuild-user-mode-linux - pbuilder-user-mode-linux way of doing debuild SYNOPSIS
pdebuild-user-mode-linux [pdebuild-user-mode-linux options] -- [pbuilder-user-mode-linux options] DESCRIPTION
A convenience program for pbuilder-user-mode-linux which invokes pbuilder after obtaining appropriate root privilege in a Debian source directory. One must be inside the source tree containing the debian directory, in order to make it work. PDEBUILD OPTIONS
--buildsourceroot [fakeroot] The command used to gain root privilege for invoking dpkg-buildpackage --auto-debsign Invoke debsign at the end of pdebuild process. --debsign-k [key-id] Pass -k option to debsign to specify which keyid to sign. --buildresult [Directory for build results] The place which build result is stored. --configfile [Extra config file to use] The configuration file is used, but not passed on to pbuilder-user-mode-linux. --debbuildopts [options to pass to dpkg-buildpackage] The space-delimited list of options are passed to dpkg-buildpackage. This option appends to pbuilder option --debbuildopts and may also be used to reset the list of options by passing the empty string. --use-pdebuild-internal Uses a different implementation of pdebuild, which calls clean and build inside the chroot, using bind-mounts. pdebuild-internal tries to run debian/rules clean inside the chroot. To achieve the goal, the working directory is passed on inside the chroot, in the form of bind-mounting and debuild is run. This option will not protect the working directory and its parent directories from the build scripts. -- [pbuilder options] After the -- symbol, an arbitrary number of pbuilder options can be specified. See pbuilder-user-mode-linux.1 for full list of options. There is an exception that --buildresult needs to be specified as pdebuild option before the -- to be effective. FILES
/etc/pbuilderrc The configuration file for pbuilder-user-mode-linux, used in pdebuild-user-mode-linux. /usr/share/pbuilder/pbuilderrc The default configuration file for pbuilder-user-mode-linux, used in pdebuild-user-mode-linux. ${HOME}/.pbuilderrc Configuration file for pbuilder-user-mode-linux, used in pdebuild-user-mode-linux, overrides what is written in /etc/pbuilderrc AUTHOR
Initial coding, and main maintenance is done by Junichi Uekawa <>. The homepage is available at SEE ALSO
/usr/share/doc/pbuilder/pbuilder-doc.html, pbuilder-user-mode-linux(1), pbuilderrc(5), pbuilder-uml.conf(5) Debian 2006 May 24 pdebuild-user-mode-linux(1)

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